Award Winning - Virtually Fat Free - Fruit Vinegar Dressings

Suzanne’s Vinegars are made in Devon and inspired by a favourite family recipe going back more than four generations. Enjoyed for their versatility, intense sweet and sour fruitiness and a viscosity not found in traditional fruit vinegars.

We are delighted to advise our customers that bottles of Suzannes 250ml Dressings bottles can be obtained from: The Bay Tree Food Co. Ltd, +44(0)1963 828030. 500ml bottles are no longer available.

Lemon, Chilli and Coriander Dressing

Delicious and balanced sweet and sour character and very versatile for use in a wide range of dishes. Toss into cous cous or add to roasted vegetables before cooking. Drizzle over smoked salmon, shell fish or spice up a chicken salad. Excellent drizzled over fresh salmon steaks or chicken breasts before baking. A perfect addition to stir fries or mixed with crème fraîche, fresh coriander or dill to accompany fish, gammon or pork steaks.

Lime, Ginger and Mustard Seed Dressing

Taste of the West: Silver 2006

An all round favourite for salads and a wide range of applications. Perfect to dress seared scallops with crispy bacon, smoked or oily fish or adding to roasted vegetables and stir fries. Superb for salads of all kinds and an excellent marinade for baking chicken breasts and roasted root vegetables. Delicious topping for ginger or salted caramel ice cream.

Raspberry, Balsamic and Rosemary Dressing

Taste of the West: Silver 2007

A lovely and very versatile dressing for many salads, marinades and a perfect condiment for all roast meats and game. Delicious drizzled over leaves topped with garlic mushrooms, pancetta and Brie. One of our customers’ favourite ‘all rounders’ in Suzanne’s Virtually Fat Free Dressings range.

Strawberry, Balsamic and Mint Dressing

Taste of the West: Gold 2006

Taste of the West: Best of Ready Meals and Sauces 2006

An unusual, delicious and very popular dressing which is extremely versatile. Lovely to dress salads - try mixed leaves topped with smoked chicken and avocado or artichoke hearts with cottage or goat’s cheese. A simply delicious topping for summer fruits, especially strawberries and ice cream.

These fine quality, oil free range products are perfect as virtually fat free salad dressings, exciting additions to sauces, marinades and stir fry recipes and a lovely finish for fruits, ice cream and many other desserts. They are also excellent diluted with sparkling wine, water or added to mulled wine.