Award Winning - Virtually Fat Free - Fruit Vinegar Dressings

Suzanne’s Vinegars are made in Devon and inspired by a favourite family recipe going back more than four generations. Enjoyed for their versatility, intense sweet and sour fruitiness and a viscosity not found in traditional fruit vinegars.

These fine quality, oil free range products are perfect as virtually fat free salad dressings, exciting additions to sauces, marinades and stir fry recipes and a lovely finish for fruits, ice cream and many other desserts. They are also excellent diluted with sparkling wine, water or added to mulled wine.

Due to the impact of COVID on the production limitations of our full range of Dressings, particularly with regards to sourcing the full range of raw materials and current manufacturing challenges, we are only able to offer the Top 4 Flavours of Suzannes Dressings in 500ml units as listed below, for the foreseeable future. We sincerely apologise for this situation and we know many of our customers may be disappointed not to have the full range from which to select. Our small price increase is due to the additional costs involved regards production and our courier services. Multiple orders: 10% refund for orders of 6 bottles.

Our range includes: Blackberry, Cardamom and Chilli - Blackcurrant - Elderberry, Balsamic and Tarragon - Gooseberry and Elderflower - Lemon, Chilli and Coriander - Lime, Ginger and Mustard Seed - Raspberry - Raspberry, Balsamic and Rosemary - Strawberry, Balsamic and Mint. (bold = reduced range currently available)